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TRU GROUP (Trustworthy, Reliable and United) has traveled a worthy journey of 20+ years and has emerged as a Solutions provider supporting more than 798 customers Trusting in us to provide Reliable Solutions. TRUE to its Virtue all the 5 group companies standing United with each other to provide Best in Class Solutions. TRU Group is driven by a customer-oriented approach with focus on high standards of operational excellence that meet clients' needs. TRU Group continually redefines quality and commits to deliver the Best and Reliable solutions to clients as well as meet and exceed their expectations. The company has adopted the best-in-class global processes and has kept in pace with the evolving needs of its clients & the ever changing strides of the IT industry. TRU Group measures its success only by the satisfaction level of its customers and associates. The indicator to this is 54% of our business comes from existing customers TRU Group has a Customer-oriented approach with focus on impeccable standards of operational excellence, in Consulting, Design, Project Management, Implementation and Quality, to create tailor-made solutions meeting clients' needs. With an extensive network spread in India, Dubai & Nigeria. TRU Group is the premier service provider to all IT solutions with expertise in the different domains like IT Infrastructure Hardware, Business Applications & Information service, Consulting and Implementation, Wide Area Network.


Our trustworthiness is proven over a period of more than 20+ successful years in business- as one TRU Group. The trust people place in us is based on our passion as individuals - we each make a difference. That's why to us at TRU, 'Success through Values ' is more than just a claim - it is the way we do business.


As a Indian global brand, a desire for accuracy, thoroughness and quality runs through our organization. We understand issues in depth. This is why we keep things simple and clear. The pursuit of excellence is a cornerstone of who we are and underpins everything we do. The unique mix of Trustworthiness and Reliability is behind TRU's stability and performance.


Our unity is supported by our meritocratic tradition and culture. Our united approach makes us a reliable partner for people with ambitious goals - in business and beyond. As we constantly challenge the status
quo, we value the differences that make a difference. Based on our leadership and beliefs, we build social capital. We recognize innovation's social value to gain advantage for everyone we work with.


We compete to be the leading global provider of business solutions, creating lasting value for our clients, our shareholders, our people and the communities in which we operate.
Our mission gives our business a clear purpose and direction. It is rooted in our brand. Our brand captures and projects a clear idea of who we are.
It is something against which all our activities - products, services, behavior and communications - can be judged.

It is simple, brief and unequivocal.


We are here to perform - in business and beyond. We do this with a unique mix of passion and precision. This measured approach gives us the confidence to enable agile minds to look beyond the obvious, gaining advantage for everyone we work with. Strong brands evoke strong emotions. Today everyone looks for personality in business, for the same reasons they look for it in people. It helps us decide who we trust, who we admire and who we'd like to work with. Our claim has always been much more than a marketing slogan or advertising strap-line. It defines our attitude and will continue to do so. It carries an inclusive proposition: performance represents all that we do for our clients, not just bottom-line results. Visually, we say it with more conviction, with more passion, in a new handwritten style.


The principles that guide our behavior to deliver our brand

Trust - We behave reliably, fairly and honestly.
Teamwork - We benefit from the diversity of our business and our people by working together to achieve success.
Reliability - We act today, thinking about tomorrow, demonstrating transparency and leadership.
Performance - We are committed to a result-oriented culture.
Innovation - We are constantly challenging conventional wisdom and developing new solutions to meet your requirements.
Client Focus -We place customers at the centre of our activities and they drive all that we do.

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Ashish Sharma

An Electronics Engineer and Postgraduate in Marketing, he has been in Corporate Marketing for last 23+ years. He is responsible for Alliances, Finance and Strategies for all Group companies. He is Gardener for the TRU Group

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Mangesh Dixit

An Electrical Engineer with Post graduation in software technology.  He is CTO and has been in the field of IT for more than 28+ years with an  Business Application implementation experience of more than 33 projects in different vertical 

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Rachna S

A Production Engineer and Post Graduate in Ind. Mgt with 21+ years of  Industry Experience. She  is CEO , TRUispl and heads the Communication business in the Group

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Siddharth Dalal

A Post Graduate in Finance from Wales University, he has 14+ years of business development and consulting in various industries. He heads the Business Development & Go to Market Strategies for the TRU Group

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